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RIO Method Session FAQs

Can I bring a guest or observer?

  • Yes, you are always welcome to bring a partner, friend, or other support person to your RIO session. If your problems are complex, if you have a long treatment history, or if you are experiencing serious chronic pain, please consider bringing a support person to do the driving, take notes, and observe any homework you are given.

  • If you are working with another health or sports professional, please feel free to invite them to your session.

How do I pay?

Payment is due at the time of your session and can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Will my insurance pay for RIO sessions?

Insurance usually will not cover RIO sessions. If your insurer does not require a medical treatment code, you may be able to get reimbursed.

Can I get a printed receipt?

Yes. Just ask if you would like a printed statement for insurance or other purposes.

What should I do or not do before my session?

  • It’s fine to eat, workout, or even compete before your RIO session. If your appointment is scheduled near a mealtime, it’s wise to eat lightly first.
  • Scheduling other bodywork before your RIO session is usually fine, but be aware that you and your body do have limits in how much can be absorbed and integrated in any one day.
  • Call to reschedule if you find you are ill or seriously fatigued on the day of your appointment.

What about after my session?

  • During your session your brain will learn new patterns of muscle use and begin to integrate them with the rest of your coordination. For most people, RIO changes will continue over the next few days. These changes typically feel good — but you may also notice short periods of restlessness, fatigue, awkwardness, or fleeting muscle spasms. These are normal signs that your brain is reorganizing how it uses your muscles. If any of these signs persist more than three days or if you become concerned about them, call or Email Nancy.
  • Unless you have been advised otherwise, routine daily activities should be safe to engage in right after your session.
  • Wait three days before any highly demanding physical activity such as a long hike/run/ride, serious sports competition, or any strenuous or dangerous physical task that is not routine for you.
  • Now that your muscles and tendons are working together better, they will spontaneously begin to recondition. You may feel gradually stronger and more flexible as this process takes place over the next two to three weeks. Even if you feel suddenly much more fit, remember to introduce any new level of physical activity slowly and steadily. The soft tissue structures in your body need time to recondition for the new workloads they will be handling.

How does the RIO Method go with standard medical treatment, reconditioning, athletic coaching, and alternative modalities?

Hand in hand. Each field has its own area of concern and each makes its own contribution to top-quality muscular performance, injury prevention, and recovery.

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